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I also got the news, it is the end of the election night, when the body specializing in Hove Casino hosted a banquet to celebrate the meeting achieved a major victory. He said rapturously, although today, I did not choose, but both the Xuling Chuan and Hao rain to pull down, and only a few dozen votes and I Xuling Chuan gap, so we considered was a significant victory. Xuling Chuan after so tumble down, the Party leadership does not he have some disappointment. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to immediately mobilize the county leaders and county departments of township leaders sent a joint letter to the municipal government leaders Southampton recommended me as to leave no stone unturned in the shortest possible time to the joint letter sent to each Party bit Committee's hands.[Santa Clarita]

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Don and I put the wrapped County Development and Reform Commission caught in the midst of the crowd when you exit the train station to get out of the provincial capital, is just six o'clock. We got into a taxi and go directly to the provincial Development and Reform Commission.[Richmond]


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Had Andrew Chi Chao Li Lao five and how can I when the Interpol deputy brigade, there is nothing skill, see above marksmanship so magical people, scared to death at this time my heart had just washed up men at gunpoint . Do not look at these people Rulangsihu police usually on the real go-getters up are scared to death, I heard gunshots were trembling with fear. Say it is blatant and national laws against my heart one hundred twenty reluctance. Just bravado shouting at the foot did not move a few steps. Andrew Chi While men pointing a gun, but the gun was in the hands of shivering, but it is not consciously legs move backward. [Lubbock]

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Hey when the secretary! I immediately warmly welcome to go out, come on come on.[Jersey City]

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